Fifty-foot Heights tower.  Antennas: CP-5HS, CGP-21, SA-7000, CYA-1216E, , CX-333, AR-6, M2 222-5SS and CA-F72GF/GMRS.


WARNING: Never, ever deal with Greyline Performance antennas with only 77% reliability and 51 BBB complaints.  I was one of the victims.

I have been an amateur radio operator for more than 50 years.  The hobby has advanced from analog to digital but morse code is still my favorite mode of transmission.


Above: Bridgecom 220 MHz and GMRS repeaters.


Above: Butternut HF9V 80 - 10 meters + 6 meters.  40 ground radials.


Below: NVIS 80 and 40 meters



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