B.A. Magna Cum Laude, Member of the Phi Omega Epsilon Honor Society, Fairleigh Dickinson University, Madison, New Jersey


B.S. Summa Cum Laude, Computer Science, Jersey City State College, Jersey City, New Jersey


M.S. Computer Science, New York University, New York, New York


I was married in 2015 to my wife Frances; subsequently, my mother passed away in 2016.  Two days after her passing, I received a call that my wife had chrondrosarcoma in her left leg and pelvic region. A slow growing but agressive type of cancer; she survived but we are always vigilant regarding its return.  All of this was compounded by a revocable trust family lawsuit and completing my Ph.D in 2019 at the University of Arizona with credits transferred from Columbia University, New York, New York.


Many thanks to MD Anderson Cancer Center, Houston, Texas; my sister Cynthia Ann Gabrielson Lurix, Sealy, Texas and W. Robinson Frazier, ESQ, Jacksonville, Florida.


FCC Extra Class Radio License

Grid DM42kh

Wires-X Node ID: 33692/Room ID: 43692

GMRS: WRCW305; 462.700 MHz; DCS Midland = 41; DCS Motorola = 79; DCS SAMCOM = 306


Echolink node 7442, KM7KK-L


Allstar node 548270, KM7KK-1


Brandmeister DMR ID's: 3160292: 446.525 MHz Simplex (QTH) and 3164603: 445.525 MHz Simplex (Mobile); both employing DVMEGA's.


Bridgecom BCR-50V 2 meter repeater operational.  Uplink 144.580, Downlink 145.180, PL tones up and down 103.5, FM analog.  Allstar capable.


Bridgecom BCR-220 1.25 cm repeater operational.  Uplink 222.900 MHz, Downlink 224.500.  PL tones up and down 103.5 analog.


Bridgecom BCR-40DU GMRS repeater operational.  Uplink 467.600, Downlink 462.600 MHz (Channel 17).  PL tones up and down 103.5 analog. Repeater name:  Safford Peak.


APRS 35-Watt Digipeater, 2 meters, 144.390 MHz (Hardware Driven)

APRS 50-Watt, 6 meters, 50.620 MHz (Hardware Driven), SSID = KM7KK-6


Bridgecom BCR-40U DMR repeater operational: Output 447.500/Input 442.500, CC1, TS 1 and 2 linked.  Supported TG's: 91, 93, 3100, 3104, 3176, 31001, 31002, 31041, 31607 and 9911 (Emcom US)


Email: jro2017@nyu.edu

HP Direct Printing: 6670NCV@hpeprint.com

HP Direct Printing Alternet: jrophd@hpeprint.com


Cell: 520-273-8200

Office: 520-744-3194

Above:  Anytone AT-D878UV Plus DMR radio connected to the hotspot shown in the previous photo.  Frequency: 445.525 MHz, usually TAC310 and APRS KM7KK-7.

Above: The home of KM7KK, Tucson, AZ.  Near the Saguaro National Preserve.


Below:  This is my first QSL card when my call sign was WA2MKD in 1973; I was 20 years of age.  I found the photo on eBay. I lived in Summit, New Jersey but operated a portable station in Mantoloking, New Jersey.  My good friend and the person who mentored me in amateur radio, George P. Slockbower, W2PHB lived across the street from me in Mantoloking. George passed away in 1989 but his interest in amateur radio and legacy live on through me.  Thank you George, you will always be remembered.

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